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About Us

Welcome to TRADER TuTu's Unique Adult Gifts and Games Online store.

Welcome to TRADER TuTu's Unique Adult Gifts and Games Online store.

We have been selling awesome gifts and games at a retail in a store location since 1996 and then expanded to eBay in 1998. 

2017 we went Live online with our products. 2018 Trader TuTu's new look and feel is all about the new website and products.

Everything online for your convenience. The future of shopping has changed and we are changing.

If you are interested in Selling your items on Trader TuTu's Please Contact Us. 

Just a reminder selections change weekly. Stop by the gift shop frequently. 

Shopping at TRADER TuTu's just became Super convenient. Ships within 5 Days.




How does this work as a buyer?

Go  through our vintage and gently used section and you will find something  of interest and when you do just hit the BUY NOW button and follow the  prompts, enter your information through the secure PayPal or Square  merchant. If you don't have an account don't worry. You can be a guest  or create an account for safe and secure purchase power for all your  online shopping.

Quoted Shipping Charges are FOR USA ONLY. All other countries will be billed accordingly.


All  sales are final at Trader TuTu’s, however we will make exceptions in  accordance with PayPal or Square Buyer Protection Guarantee.A buyer can  request a return within 3 days of confirmed delivery if one or more of  the following apply:

  1. The item is not as it was described in the listing
  2. The item is potentially counterfeit
  3. The item is damaged or defective
  4. The wrong item was received

  • When buying, please carefully review the listing description, item  photos and ask the seller any questions you may have about the item  prior to purchase.
  • If the size charts are available please go by the charts for  sizing. Asian clothing run 1 to 2 times smaller than American and  European sizes.
  • The Buyer is responsible for the return of merchandise and all fees involved.
  • Once we receive the item back we will make the correct refund.
  • You can also buy a protection warranty program for your items through PayPal


How does this work as a seller?

  1. Get all of your photos ready. Make sure the file name represents  the item, not just mumbled letters or numbers. This will help the SEO  identify items in search engines.
  2. On Word or what ever word processing program you have write a nice  listing. List the size, color, year, model and any particulars about  the item.
  3. Pay for the amount of listings subscriptions. PayPal will give you a conformation number that you will include in your email.
  4. List your information: name and address, all your items that you will be listing and attach photos.
  5. Email to: or click the SEND LISTING BUTTON below


Things To Remember

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the items you offer.   

Make  sure your pictures are clear and close up so you can see detail. Also,  be ready to send the customer any further information to showcase your  item in question.

Promote current deals or announce items on sale

Having  a big sale on the item? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and  gets excited about it. Running a holiday sale or weekly special?  Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a  sweet deal.

Share the big news

Have  you changed photos, redesigned your listing, or added a new product or  service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know. Send it out on  Social Media or Emails. Copy and insert this address into your posts and  emails.